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Welcome to my newly refurbished website.

I’d like to give you a brief overview of who I am and what I do:
My name is Robert W. L. Butt. I am a native of Great Britain and I have lived in the beautiful city of Hamburg since the early 80s.

I was trained in Laughter-Yoga in April 2001 in Mumbai at Doctor Madan Kataria’s home (Founder of the International Laughter-Yoga movement). I stayed there and visited many laughter clubs within this huge city and further afield.

A few months later I opened my first laughter club in the beautiful City Park of Hamburg (Stadtpark Hamburg), where we met during the summer months on the banks of the City Park lake, in the winter we continued the sessions in heated rooms close to the park. This City Park Laughter-Yoga group has met once a week since the opening 2001 and is the longest, continuously running laughter “club” in Hamburg.

Since then, I have conducted hundreds Laughter-Yoga meetings, seminars and workshops in Hamburg also in other parts of Germany and in other countries too (Switzerland and Great Britain). Through this work, which I love, it has helped thousands of people to actively learn more about the wonderful power of laughter and Laughter-Yoga. It is one of the most effective ways of bringing people together – as in Team Building.

It is perhaps, the quickest way to reduce levels of stress. It is energetic, fun to do and one ends a Laughter Yoga session feeling fantastic, revitalized, relaxed with a positive and noticeable change in energy. There is usually a huge improvement in interpersonal relations. It is suitable for: men, women and all management levels.

I have conducted many Laughter-Yoga presentations; amongst them was one, to over five hundred women (cosmetic concern) at their annual general sales meeting and more recently a longer session (1.5 hours) for approximately sixty men who were internationally involved in sales. Everybody participated enthusiastically and the inter-active workshop was gladly received by both the employees, the owner of the company and his immediate staff.

I conduct my Laughter-Yoga activities in an entertaining way, yet I pay close attention to the mental and physical benefits and explain why laughter affects one’s life and why it is so important.

Well-meaning laughter from the heart is essential for good health and interpersonal relations. Many of us as we get older find that we laugh less and less but at the same fail to notice this. If we are lucky to become aware that we are perhaps going through days, even months when we haven’t laughed at all, then we are amongst the fortunate few, however many are simply oblivious of this fact. Compare this to healthy children where the experts say: “children laugh up to four hundred times a day” whereas adults, if we are lucky: “laugh, including smiles and chuckles up to fifteen times a day”. How true the numbers are in absolute terms is a debatable point, however the fact remains is that we adults, due to one thing or another, do not laugh as much as healthy children and in order to increase one’s own access to the wonders and health benefits of free laughter, Laughter-Yoga is incredible because the activities automatically get your body to laugh and in turn your mind.

I will be more than happy to hold a presentation, seminar or workshop for your company either in a smaller and extended workshop format in your firm’s rooms or in a larger and shorter format at your company’s annual general meeting or similar important event.

You will find them informative, entertaining and lots of fun. You will be inspired and be able to integrate many of the activities into your private and working lives.

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